Of course, the stakes of these sessions are exceptions ! Incentive seminars, meetings, training or boards of directors, congresses.... rewards... will be much more appealing in a very unusual green and peaceful setting in the mountains

These gatherings can be scheduled over 1 week, 1 weekend, a few days : it's up to you! All the services are flexible and can be adjusted according to your needs in terms of length, time period, catering, activities... and we are at your disposal to help you organise your projects depending on your objectives and wishes.


Ideally located in the heart of the Alps, this spacious private chalet that subtly mixes the old Savoyard style and a modern design is a kind of warm and very comfortable "guesthouse".
Thanks to its exceptional volumes, our residence can accommodate between 10 and 32 guests in 13 rooms....

13 rooms are not enough for you? Don't worry about it!
You can use THE ANGE CHALET - located just behind the ARMANAZ- with 3 other bedrooms (offering 6 to 8 additional beds) and 2 bathrooms.
(This very pretty little chalet can also be rented alone to a family, friends or a group of 6 to 8 people.)

At the ARMANAZ CHALET, you also have access to a spacious TV room with Plasma screen, a recreation room, a jacuzzi - hammam - spa area, and a vast reception room that is very easily transformed into a conference to let you work in complete peace of mind.

A highly skilled and hand-picked staff (CONFIDENCE REQUIRED !) is in charge of the most various tasks : cook, expert instructors... and a guard to ensure your safety as well as. Fully aware of our standards, they’ll be caring and more than happy to fully satisfy you.

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Very DIVERSIFIED, ENTERTAINING or SPORTY far from the beaten track and in magnificent protected sites, our events -most of them (incredible/awesome) amazing will seduce you all: there’s something for everyone !
And of course, all our activities are supervised by highly qualified professional.


  • "Fondue" evening after a snowshoe ride in a refuge lost in the mountains: atmosphere/ ambiance/ guaranteed!
  • Snowshoe orientation course
  • ARVA search (search for avalanche victims)
  • Challenge: igloo building
  • Challenge: time-controlled skiing
  • Off-piste skiing with experienced trackers
  • Snow scooter


  • Orientation itinerary
  • Via Ferrata
  • Hikes
  • Adventure course
  • Paraglider
  • Quad
  • Mountain bike
  • Horse

... not to mention First Helicopter Flight, Photo Rally, 4x4 Safari that will give you the opportunity to discover our beautiful region another way... or within our chalet, in private, Casino or Dance Evenings with our DJ.

Both close and easy to reach, this magnificent large private site, unsuspected in the middle of the mountains, will leave a lasting impression... and you can be certain your professional and leisure objectives will be achieved, and this, to the delight of your guests enchanted by the originality of this exceptional stay. Prenez contact avec nous pour plus d'informations. Nous travaillons avec professionnels reconnus et expérimentés.

A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE... UNFORGETTABLE MEMORIES that will enrich their coffee breaks !
THE ARMANAZ CHALET is THE place to go!

Séminaire dans les Alpes, en Savoie


Séjour professionnel à la montagne


Fédérer à la montagne


Séminaire à la montagne


Séminaire au chalet de l'Armanaz


Un chalet équipé pour vos réunions de travail


Une équipe soudée par un beau séjour à la montagne


They came to the Armanaz chalet...